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Following a successful unannounced audit on the 14th October 2019, Lehmann Food Ingredients Ltd have upgraded their certification to a AA+.

The BRCGS Agents & Brokers Standard is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative and independent audits of a certificated company allow for a credible assessment of a Food Safety Management System.

Typically surveillance audits are announced and the agreed date arranged months in advance, whilst this is considered the norm in industry; UK retailers are looking increasingly likely to move in the direction of unannounced audits as a requirement for suppliers.

Lehmann Food Ingredients Ltd ensures there is commitment from Senior Management to provide significant resources to the Food Safety Management System; for this reason the site has always been ahead of the curve in developing and improving a real Quality Culture within the business.

Please take a look at the website and get in touch via 01524 581 560; to learn about what L.F.I. have to offer as a potential supplier.

Jonathon Peet – QA Manager – Lehmann Food Ingredients Ltd – 20.11.19