Corn Starch Waxy Modified Pregelatinised (E1422)

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Starch - Modified


Food And Drink


Bag: 25 kg


750 kg (1 Pallet)


Viscosity – High

Overall Stability – High

Retrogradation – Low

Appearance – Clear

Taste – Neutral

Modified Pregelatinised Starches can quickly achieve a paste of necessary viscosity without requiring heating. They enhance the consumer appeal of final products and streamline their production process.

Corn kernels and husk lose up.


Baked Goods

Bakery Fillings and Cream • Bakery Frostings • Dry Biscuits • Bakery Mixes and Bread Improvers • Pie • Noodles, Pizza

Convenience Foods

Microwave Products • Canned Food

Sauces and Dressings

Mayonnaise • Salad Dressings • Low pH Sauces • Neutral Sauces • Relishes

Instant Products and Mixes

Soups • Beverages, Hot Chocolate • Dairy Desserts and Drinks


Beverage Mixes • Beverage Emulsions

Processed Meat and Fish Food

Coating Systems • Injected Meat

What are Modified Starches?

Modified starches are conventional starches considered as food additives (E-number), due to their chemical modification process, modified starches are highly functional starches, which are not available in organic quality. Through modification, functional attributes in food applications are achieved that cannot be obtained with native starch. These properties include enhanced process tolerance and storage stability under varying conditions of temperature, pH, and shear stress. Additionally, it allows for control over the product’s texture and enhances properties such as water uptake and fat absorption.