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Dietary Fibre


Animal Nutrition


Bag: 20 kg


720 kg (1 Pallet)

What is Lignocellulose?

Lignocellulose, another word for dietary fibre, is found in the cell walls of plants and is made up of Lignin and Cellulose. Typically derived from plant materials like wood, corn, or wheat, it posses a high fibre content and an impressive water-binding capacity.

Wood chippings.
Dog poking its head out of the window of a car.


Lignocellulose makes for a great ingredient to incorporate into both pet food and treats, as it promotes healthy digestion and provides bulk to their diet. Since pets, especially cats and dogs, may not get enough fibre from their regular diet, adding Lignocellulose can help to maintain proper gastrointestinal function and regularity.

It also offers a boost to your pet’s oral health by enhancing flexibility to food and treats, allowing your pet to chew for extended periods, thereby improving the cleansing action on their teeth and gums.

Additionally, Lignocellulose serves as a filler ingredient in some lower-cost pet foods to increase the volume of the product without significantly affecting nutritional value.

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