Polydextrose Powder

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Dietary Fibre


Food And Drink


Bag: 25 kg


1,000 kg (1 Pallet)

What is Polydextrose Powder?

A water-soluble, low-calorie, dietary fibre, Polydextrose powder is a white, or off-white, powder that provides a mild sweetness to food products, amongst many other functional and nutritional benefits…

Scoop of polydextrose powder lawing on a background of polydextrose powder.

Functions and Benefits of Polydextrose Powder

High Solubility

Low-sugar alternative for those requiring a low-sugar option

Low-calorie, significantly less than that of sugar

Bulking agent for low-sugar products, reducing calories without sacrificing taste and/or texture

Enhances bowel movement and reduces the risk of intestinal cancer

Provides a clean, mild sweetness to food products