Millet Syrup

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Available in conventional or organic quality.


Sweeteners - Liquid


Food And Drink


IBC: 1400 kg


9,800 kg (7 Units)

Millet plants.

What is Millet Syrup?

Millet Syrup is obtained via the hydrolysis of millet flour using natural GMO-free enzymes. It possesses a yellow colour with a neutral, slightly sweet, flavour.

Why use it?

It can be used in a multitude of dishes, including biscuits, bakery, dairy products (e.g. drinks, yoghurts, desserts, …), plant-based products, pharmacy, cosmetics, etc.

Millet Syrup also provides multiple functionalities to dishes, including a cereal taste, crispiness and viscosity whilst also being a bulking agent for dishes.

Nutritional Information (per 100g at 72 brix)

Energy (kCal/kJ) 283/1183
Lipids g 0.2
of which struates <0.1
Crbohydrates 70
of which total sugars 9.5
of which carbohydrates >DP2 60.5
Proteins g 0.7
Salt g 0.01
On Dry Matter At 72 Brix
Total Sugars 13 9.5
of which glucose 7 5
of which maltose 6 4.5

What are Millets?

Starchy, protein rich grains, Millets are filled with several vitamins and minerals, providing essential amino acids, more than most other cereals. They are small, round grains that can be used for human consumption as well as livestock and bird feed.

Grown across Africa and Asia, Millets possess resilience against drought and pests, and can survive more challenging conditions and less fertile soil, whilst also being sustainably cultivated, giving them and advantage over many other crops.

Millet plants.